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A New Debt Free Life

With my first big move under my belt and having settled into my new home here in Texas, my first order of business was to find electric companies in corpus Christi, TX which turned out to be a lot easier than I expected it to be. Who knew that Texas would turn out to have a ton of energy companies? I mean I’ve always known that Texas had plenty of land to it. I also knew that it was a state that was very wealthy in natural resources. It turns out they have a lot more natural resources than I thought.

Coming here was a decision that I didn’t make lightly. Read more »

It is Important to Compare Internet Costs

My friends and I got an apartment together just a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time any of us have lived on our own because we all lived with our respective parents previously. We saved our money up and planned for a long time. Dad said that I shouldn’t pay for things without comparing costs first. He said that I should compare San Jose Internet costs as well as cable costs or anything else we pay for monthly before signing a contract. This made sense, but I knew I would need to be the one who did it because I know my roommates are very lazy!

I knew that we needed to get service as soon as possible after our move in date. It would probably only take us a couple of days to get our furniture moved in, then unpack everything and get our place set up. After that, we would all want access to the usual services we are used to having fun with. Read more »

We Are Getting Help with Our House Cleaning During Our Retirement Years

My husband retired earlier this year, and I will retire next month. I always assumed that I would have a lot of free time to get so many things done around the house that I could not deal with when I worked, but the truth is that I am tired now. It is because of this that I wanted to look into getting a house cleaner in Westchester County NY and not have to deal with cleaning the house so much for awhile.

We have an RV that we bought a few years ago at a really low price. We have been waiting until we retire so that we can take it on some trips on the road. We have spent money fixing it up and getting it ready for our retirement. Read more »

Leadership Development Coach David Findel Returns With New Programs For Individuals and Organizations


david fendel – Freehold, NJ – This week former mortgage CEO David Findel announced his return with the Leadership Development Program for the Strategic Performance Group. He is working with individuals and groups to teach drive, determination, and his personal technique for focus.
Former Mr. Jet -David Findel, who is an Ex-Mortgage CEO and top executive in the industry, is known for purchasing the PSL to two 50-yard line seats at MetLife stadium for the New York Jets to the tune of 400,000 dollars and succumbing to the credit crunch in a well-publicized tread from the straight and narrow during the mortgage collapse.
David Findel to Coach Pro Bono – Today, David is considered an expert in the field of leadership development and is a highly respected and sought after speaker, consultant and executive coach. Findel wants to share the secrets behind his successes and the truth behind his appetite for power, drive and ambition.
Strategic Performance Group – “Removing The Noise” is not only a motto he lives by, but the basis of a new program he recently finished tweaking and set to launch at the end of September, 2014. His remarkable skill set and savvy which Findel is convinced can be taught to any entrepreneur, CEO and business person alike, as long as they have the passion and desire to grow and take life to the next level. Findel clearly states, “if and when a person is disciplined enough to remove the obstacles that are holding them back, namely ‘Noise’, then one can achieve whatever the mind can perceive.”
CEO David Findel – In the 1990′s, David Findel at the age of 27, was the founder and CEO of Financial Resources. A full service premier mortgage banking firm, spanning 23 years to become what most considered a “Power House” in the industry as a multi-billion dollar lender.
New Programs For Individuals and Organizations – This next level offers Findel the opportunity to coach. David Findel is the lead developer of the “Power of Accountability” program for the Strategic Performance Group, a professional services firm providing consulting in leadership development, sales coaching, motivational training and overall sales management.
Leadership Development – Today, David has been coaching and developing a wide range of professionals, such as CEO’s and presidents of sales organizations, CPA’S, Doctors and attorneys. His methodology applies to any industry that works with other people. His accountability program takes the positive attributes of an individual and harness what works, then enhances it so it is consistent in all areas of life, all the while creating a cycle of accountability towards an individual’s goals.
Coach David Findel Returns – “Every successful professional needs a coach to maintain consistency, whether it is in sports or in business. No matter how good you are, it is most effective when you have someone coaching you to stay on track,” Findel said. Many who have worked with him feel he is that person. His drive and dynamic personality quickly captivates with the benefits he has to offer.
CEO of Financial Resources – After several requests, Findel is in the process of writing his first semi-autobiographical book that will be made into a screenplay later. It will be based on the ups and downs of his life, with the backdrop being the unbelievable highs and low of the highly publicized mortgage crisis.
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Tips to get a Girlfriend In case you are Ugly – You Will Be Shocked When you’re conscious the Secrets

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Girlfriend Activation System review
Tips to get Girlfriend In case you are Ugly – You’ll be Shocked When you are aware the Secrets

So that you are wondering how to get a girlfriend if you’re ugly. Well, a very important factor I wish for you to learn is women usually are not once we males are. We have been attracted to the ladies by their looks and figures. But women are interested in the men by their personality, style and lastly look. So, if you feel you can’t get yourself a girlfriend as you are ugly, then you need to think again. It is best to to remove this type of negative thought because mental poison also affect your personality.

So, I will be planning to give you some stunning tips on how to get a girlfriend if you’re ugly. In the event you apply these pointers inside your love life, then you’ll easily get yourself a girlfriend without making any astrological effort.

Tips to get a girlfriend if you are ugly?

Tip #1. First, I wish for you to visit Google Images and have a search this phrase ‘Neil Strauss’. Can you feel that a guy who is experiencing baldness becomes world’s top Pick-up artist? One can learn from Neil Strauss how to be a sexy man without dwelling on physical limitations.

Tip #2. Women are attracted to value. In the event you show yourself being a high status man, chances are they will probably be interested in you. Well, it doesn’t mean that you ought to always brag to prove yourself being a high status man. You should show it through your body gestures along with your attitude.

Tip #3. If you wish to get yourself a girlfriend, you will want to produce a mindset that you receive a girlfriend soon. Bang your face if any negative thoughts hold you back. Remember that seducing women is focused on inner game.

Tip #4. Make an effort to practice to attract unattractive girls. Why do you have to do it? It’s going to develop your inner game. Attracting unattractive girls will be easy for you since you think that you’ve got higher value than others girls. Understand that you are able to attract hot and exquisite women should you consider yourself more advanced than them.

Tip #5. To acquire a girlfriend you need to understand that ladies love drams and so they always tell lies when it comes to dating life. So, I suggest you to become player who is able to easily have fun with a woman’s emotions. Women always claim that men hardly understand them. So, if one makes a female think that you recognize her feelings and emotions, you will stand above the group and she or he will become your girlfriend.

I am aware that applying those tips is hard for you as you are susceptible to a strong inferiority complex. Subconsciously learn about a lot of practice to build up this inferiority complex.

This is “how to get a girlfriend

How Do You Best Archive Stuff Securely

I am thinking about this as a project and wondering how to safely store important data. My plan is pretty basic. I figure that I can use a variety of storage solutions. You can use cloud storage or external hard drives. That is a pretty simple and relatively safe way to do it. You back it up and then you unplug the hard drive and put it on a shelf. Someone could pick it up and walk away with it though, but you can get a winrar free download and use that to archive your data. The idea is quite simple you use winrar to make the files compact usually, but there is an option to use a password to be able to open the file. Read more »