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Internet for Cheap in Mile High City

Moving to Denver has been quite the adjustment for me. In some ways more literally than other, because I had to get used to breathing the thin air up in this mile high city. It was kind of hard at first. I am kind of a fitness guy and I went out for a run on my first day in Denver, going at my usual intensity, and I basically collapsed. I am looking for cheap internet in Denver because I need to stay connected to the rest of the world, and since moving here, I have not yet attempted to get an internet service.

Kind of weird, now that I think about it, that I have not got around to getting any internet in my place yet. Actually it is really strange, but I have kind of been preoccupied and I have a whole list of things that I need to get done. Read more »

When You Should Sell a Franchise

With the number of available franchises for sale growing, it makes you onder whether it’s going to continue being a reliable business model as it once was. The ease of being able to slip into a franchise and turn a profit is what has always made them attractive options for individuals who have little to no experience at running a traditional business. On the other hand, this could in fact be the exact problem which has lead to the lack of popularity. While they’re certainly not doing terribly, the growth has slowed while staying within a steady range.

It’s not a business model that I have delved into myself. Read more »

Started to Set Up a Gym at the Office

Started to set up the gym this morning. Of course we have been thinking about this for some time and when the extra space came open we decided to start on this project. We have been looking at the stuff we need, which is a lot of things. Of course you need the exercise machines, but you have to think about stuff like locker rooms and we are looking at the top and best rated water coolers on the market. It is not like that is not vital if you are working out, because you have to keep hydrated. So you are going to want to make sure that you can replace the liquids that you sweat out. We are thinking about some sort of healthy snacks too, the sort of energy rich foods that you use to fuel a work out. I guess runners like to load up on carbohydrates. Read more »

Options for a Virtual Office

I think that a virtual office would be ideal for my business. We do not really have the resources for a real office, and it does not really seem necessary to have a physical location in this day and age. I looked up this one service Voffice and they look pretty promising for what I had in mind when I first started considering the option of going with a virtual office. I want to read more about all of the services they offer. I read a bit about it, but I did not read in depth, and that is what I need to know, to make sure that I am going to be making a good decision when it comes to the choice of my virtual office.

I think that this will really help us to run more effectively as a business and to get mroe customers without increasing our overhead very much. Read more »