Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Game is More Fun with a Hack

I usually get pretty frustrated playing video games. I know most people would think that I just shouldn’t play them anymore, but the funny thing is that I really enjoy playing them. I don’t really get frustrated as much anymore either, now that I found out that hacking a game just makes it more fun. I started playing Subway Surfers not long ago, and I think that it is one of the more fun games that I have played. It became even more fun when I found a hack at a sscheats website.

It was very easy to get the hack for the game, and it really made the game a lot more fun. I was able to open up all of the characters with this hack, which is a major accomplishment. Read more »

Getting Rid of My Cable Company

I have made up my mind and I have decided that I am getting rid of my cable company once and for all. If you look here you see that it is really easy to find a better option so far as beating the monthly cost of cable. I have to go through the fine print to make certain that I am going to get a really good deal, which is often not the case when you really dig into the details. I have been working on the solution to the problem of replacing the Internet. My cable TV service is nothing special and to my thinking it should not cost half as much as they are charging me for it. However while the internet service they provide is really too expensive, it does work quite well relative to the other options. I am sort of wondering if I can just get the cable company to give Internet while I pay for satellite TV.

I am pretty sure that they are in favor of bundling, but it does not make any sense for me. I shall probably have to accept a less capable Internet service if I get rid of the cable internet. There just are not any really good alternatives from what I have been able to deduce. You have all sorts of DSL options, all of them are going to cost a good bit less than the cable company, but from all I know that does not necessarily mean that you are getting a better deal. In fact you are going to be paying less and you are going to get less too. That is how it usually works, but in this case it is a matter of whether or not less is going to be enough to please you.

I Guess You Can Cheat at Games

I wonder how many of the players on Agar dot IO are cheating at the game. Of course I never thought too much about it before the other day when I met this guy I was trying to make a deal. He came up behind me while I was in the reception area of his office. I guess he had been at a meeting or something the entire time I was waiting. Of course I had my phone in hand, but since I had nothing to do I was playing the game. He played too and used cheats. If you look up that phrase on Google or another search engine it yields a lot of results. Apparently there are a whole lot of options for people who want to do this. Of course I play the game for fun and to kill time. Read more »