Monthly Archives: September 2015

Back Problems Have Me Looking for the Best Ergonomic Office Chair Available

Because of my poor posture that has lead to back and shoulder problems I was really on the lookout for the best ergonomic office chair I could find. I needed something to help me sit in a more natural position that would not let me worsen the damage all these years of poor sitting habits have caused. I have spent years telecommuting and have sat in booths at coffee shops and a dining room table chair at home hunched over my laptop pounding out the words needed to earn my keep. Now I am paying for it with sore arms, hands that turn cold and pain and numbness. I also have an almost profound weakness compared to how strong I used to be.

I type more words in a year than a prolific novelist. I just do not get paid like they do. Read more »

Why Pumping Breast Milk is Important

Moms are taking breastfeeding more seriously. The science of the human gut microbiome is growing, no pun intended, and moms are realizing just how important it is for their babies to be exposed to good bacteria. Sure, there is the risk of exposure to bad bacteria too. However, this is all part of a normal human immune system development. It is being said that the severe allergies and increasing incidents of asthma are all related to gut problems. In order to feed my baby, I had to go to to get a breast pump to extract the milk.

To be certain of the volume my baby was ingesting, I pump the milk out first. This is helpful if a doctor ever mentions a problem with the baby’s weight gain. Some doctors are pro formula, and they can mention weight saying your baby is not getting enough breast milk to thrive. Read more »

Adding on to Our Home Was the Right Decision

The home that my wife and I have shared together for 25 years has been a very small one up to now. We raised three children to adulthood in our home, and it always felt cramped and short on space. As the sole breadwinner in our family and my wife was a fantastic stay-at-home wife, we had to make do. But now that our children are grown, we realized that we were on target with retirement savings and wondered if we should stay here in the home and renovate it or buy something bigger elsewhere.

We decided to spend a day with a real estate agent to see what the local home market was like. Home prices have really gone up in our area. Read more »