A Lawyer is Helping Me Get the Pay I Deserve from Lost Work Time

I love shopping. I typically window shop. When I purchase something, I do it after careful thought and comparison shopping. And most importantly, I only buy things that I need. Two months ago, I went to our local mall and ended up being injured. I ended up needing to find a good lawyer, and I on a site that I found to get a personal injury lawyer in Ajax quickly.

I started out my most recent mall trip by stopping at the coffee shop to get a small cup of coffee. I sat down at the little tables they have outside the shop so that I could people watch for a bit. That’s always nice to do. Afterward, I strolled over to one of my favorite gift shops to begin looking for a birthday gift for my mom. After not finding what I needed, I decided to look in the stores upstairs.

I decided to take the elevator up to the second level. This is when trouble struck. I noticed there was a piece of metal sticking out on the side of the escalator as it moved me closer to it on the way upstairs. I tried to move out of the way in time for fear that it would cut me. But I didn’t move fast enough. It grabbed onto my shirt, while the escalator was still moving. It was then that I was jerked backwards and began to fall while the equipment was still moving. I felt searing pain throughout my back, and I ended up breaking one ankle and a wrist.

Some helpful mall patrons rushed to help me. Security guards called the mall manager, who then tried to hand me a $100 gift certificate for my trouble. I politely declined. An ambulance was called. I never heard from the mall again, even when I tried to call them about my medical bills due to the broken bones and my new back trouble. I finally had to call to get legal counsel, and they will help me get the compensation I need for all my lost time at work due to injuries.

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