A New Debt Free Life

With my first big move under my belt and having settled into my new home here in Texas, my first order of business was to find electric companies in corpus Christi, TX which turned out to be a lot easier than I expected it to be. Who knew that Texas would turn out to have a ton of energy companies? I mean I’ve always known that Texas had plenty of land to it. I also knew that it was a state that was very wealthy in natural resources. It turns out they have a lot more natural resources than I thought.

Coming here was a decision that I didn’t make lightly. I have been struggling to get myself out from under debt for a long time now. I realized that part of the reason that I was having difficulties with debt was due to how much my cost of living in Kentucky has been. You wouldn’t think the cost of living in Kentucky could be all that high but in Louisville it’s a lot more expensive than people believe. I was paying nearly double compared to what I am paying now in Texas. It’s a huge disparity which is making all the difference for me now.

In just the three months that I’ve been here I have been able to pay back one credit card completely. That’s incredible for me. That means I have only one other credit card to worry about along with my student loans and I will finally be able to consider myself free. Debt makes me feel like I am in prison or something. It’s an awful experience. It’s like I don’t have any real options in my life to do anything with as long as this debt continues to weigh down on my whole life.

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