Adding on to Our Home Was the Right Decision

The home that my wife and I have shared together for 25 years has been a very small one up to now. We raised three children to adulthood in our home, and it always felt cramped and short on space. As the sole breadwinner in our family and my wife was a fantastic stay-at-home wife, we had to make do. But now that our children are grown, we realized that we were on target with retirement savings and wondered if we should stay here in the home and renovate it or buy something bigger elsewhere.

We decided to spend a day with a real estate agent to see what the local home market was like. Home prices have really gone up in our area. A very small home like ours goes for at least $150,000. While a medium-sized home that would give us more than enough space can easily go for $200,500 or more. After looking at a lot of homes, we realized that we might be better off renovating and adding more space to the place we live in now.

After getting quotes from a variety of builders, we decided to make our place bigger. I wanted the new additions to the house to include an exercise room and a small den. My wife decided that she wanted to have a craft room that would double as a sun porch. She said she would love to use my work out room, too. So, after drawing up the plans, a builder started the work and completed everything in just six months time. We are enjoying working out on our new treadmills and other equipment. My wife is keeping fit mentally by spending time in her craft room. Over all, the addition we added to our home has been inexpensive and keeping us feeling and looking better.

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