Back Problems Have Me Looking for the Best Ergonomic Office Chair Available

Because of my poor posture that has lead to back and shoulder problems I was really on the lookout for the best ergonomic office chair I could find. I needed something to help me sit in a more natural position that would not let me worsen the damage all these years of poor sitting habits have caused. I have spent years telecommuting and have sat in booths at coffee shops and a dining room table chair at home hunched over my laptop pounding out the words needed to earn my keep. Now I am paying for it with sore arms, hands that turn cold and pain and numbness. I also have an almost profound weakness compared to how strong I used to be.

I type more words in a year than a prolific novelist. I just do not get paid like they do. All of those hours sitting wrong have ruined my upper back. A lot of people complain of lower back pain. Well, mine is concentrated in my upper back. I do have some lower back pain, but my shoulders and upper arms are pretty much in at least mild pain all of the time now. I am not getting any younger, and my doctor told me that I really need to work on my posture.

He told me that I already have signs of being permanently hunched over. I do not want that, and that is why I was looking for the best ergonomic office chair I could find. A lot of the ones available in the office furniture stores are junk. The foam compresses within a couple days if sitting in the chairs they offer. I wanted something made more durable that would actually help me and last. I wish I knew just how important ergonomics was years ago before my back started hurting.

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