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Lost In Reefs – sea sport


Welcome to Lost In Reefs 2. Have you ever heard of tremendous dragons which inhabited the Earth many centuries past? Truly, you have. They resided together with people and were the most powerful creatures of the time. And nobody knows where they went. But do you remember that old document roll you found last year? The outlines written inside it revealed a secret of the lost world – all sorts of these terrific dragons were still living. Both
peaceful and fire breathing creatures, who liked to travel between mountain peaks, prevented their countries from enemy attacks and transported large freight today live on the planet. People cherished them and were convinced dragons would aid them with whatever people asked. But, the nature turned into even more powerful and one day it did a sudden harm to dragons and they were not able to cope with it. The city where they resided was broken totally by means of an earthquake. And what could they do? The ones were able to live went right to the ocean’s base. You kept that solution in thoughts and decided to detect dragons’ new place. Now you are able to begin! Become Lost In Reefs. Dive deeper, do not be afraid of sea creatures – they are going to direct you where you require. Observe this amazing world filled with unknown colors. The investigation isn’t always easy for certain, but the hidden puzzle is already close, so you must not offer up as there’s no additional chance to see everything along with your own eyes. A variety of objects can help you with that so utilize them to complete traces of three or more issues. Possible select one of three methods any of that will set a new obstacle for you. This is that which we call Lost In Reefs.