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Doing a Very Sensitive Job Now

Psychiatrist in scarsdale ny – When people hear of information security, they think about Wikileaks, internet worms, cyber bot attacks and anything else that you can think of that endangers sensitive information. You also think about information security specialists who prevent such kind of troubles with their firewalls, encryption systems and impenetrable security policies. Think its easy preventing sensitive information from leaking out into the world? Think again.

Information security is defined as a means of protecting information and information systems from being accessed without the proper authorization, unauthorized use, destruction and disruption. This is constantly interchanged with words like computer security and information assurance. Information security is something that is prioritized by today’s largest corporations and institutions, particularly those who handle a large volume of sensitive information.

Protected information can be about a lot of things – it can be about a company’s employees, customers, research information, medical history or concerned with product and operational information. Since this information is processed and transmitted on a daily basis, it is essential that they don’t fall into the wrong hands to be used toward undesirable means. Information that falls into the wrong hands can lead to business losses, lawsuits, identity theft and bankruptcy.

The great thing about information security is that it has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, so much so that countless opportunities have risen for those who want to make a career out of it. The jobs available for hiring these days include network security, application and database security, security administrator, IT Security Infrastructure Specialist, Risk Manager and so on. The salaries of the mentioned positions are higher than other IT fields which is why to get hired for these kinds of jobs means exerting your best efforts to stand out because it is a very competitive field.

To help you get hired for these jobs, you first need to know and research as much as you can about IT security. You need to brush up your knowledge on topics like information protection, information assurance, data integrity and confidentiality, penetration, in-depth defense and other related matters. You should also read up on how to acquire personal certifications as these can boost your chances of getting hired.

Also, having certifications is a stepping stone towards acquiring more certifications, thereby giving you more opportunities for career growth and promotions. Testing for entry-level certifications are usually available everywhere and can cost around $200-$400 and is a great investment to make towards your career-building goals.

To further your education, you can also try setting up your own security labs with an old computer, some wireless routers and free open source security tools. Just make sure you do it on your own time and not with your employer’s network as you can get fired if you accidentally screw something up.

And lastly, make sure you volunteer or get internships because there’s just no substitute for good old experience. If you’re still in college, find a professor who specializes in IT security and offer to be their apprentice by doing jobs that no one likes to do such as reviewing web server audit logs for intrusions for example. Try to apply for internships as well at companies because you can also get hired that way, especially when you perform well during your training.