Found a New Place to Live in

I am going to be be renting this place out from this guy I met from work know. He got a better place to live in after he changed jobs, but he decided to hold on this house and rent it to me and my Girlfriend. Of course it would have taken him time to sell this house and I was standing there with the cash to give him a security deposit on the place. If you click here you will see what I am thinking about doing about getting a TV service. Of course I can just cheap out and get nothing, because you really do not have a desperate need to pay for TV service. However I am a really big sports fan and in particular I have a huge fondness for basketball and football. During the summer months I could probably do without the satellite TV package and get along quite well. You would just be missing out on baseball and that is not the most exciting TV event.

Of course you can pick up about a dozen over the air stations with the new digital signals. That is not awful and a lot of the stuff on PBS is not too bad. In fact I watch sports and documentaries on TV. I do not really have much use for reality programs, that seems like the dumbest thing ever. In particular it is obvious that a lot of these things have nothing to do with reality. They are just third rate actors playing parts based on their own self image or something like that. I guess that some of them are funny for the hilariously bad acting, but I am not interested in people who can not act being allowed to make money doing something they stink at.

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