How Do You Best Archive Stuff Securely

I am thinking about this as a project and wondering how to safely store important data. My plan is pretty basic. I figure that I can use a variety of storage solutions. You can use cloud storage or external hard drives. That is a pretty simple and relatively safe way to do it. You back it up and then you unplug the hard drive and put it on a shelf. Someone could pick it up and walk away with it though, but you can get a winrar free download and use that to archive your data. The idea is quite simple you use winrar to make the files compact usually, but there is an option to use a password to be able to open the file. Of course you can encrypt the data before you archive it and then you can put a password on the file so that anyone who wanted access to the information would have a good bit of work to do to get at it.

That would not deter the more advanced cyber criminals, but those guys are going to get hold of your data off of the internet. The solution to that is to stay off of the Net as much as you can. I heard Leo Laporte talk about Chrome Books once and he was saying that you could get one of those just for this sort of purpose. For instance you shop on the net and you do your banking. That obviously makes you vulnerable to hackers. A chrome book is very cheap though. So you can pay three hundred dollars for one of them and use it just for stuff like that, where you have passwords that some cyber crook might potentially get hold of. If you use it and then disconnect it from the net it is very safe.

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