I Guess You Can Cheat at Agar.io Games

I wonder how many of the players on Agar dot IO are cheating at the game. Of course I never thought too much about it before the other day when I met this guy I was trying to make a deal. He came up behind me while I was in the reception area of his office. I guess he had been at a meeting or something the entire time I was waiting. Of course I had my phone in hand, but since I had nothing to do I was playing the game. He played too and used agar.io cheats. If you look up that phrase on Google or another search engine it yields a lot of results. Apparently there are a whole lot of options for people who want to do this. Of course I play the game for fun and to kill time. I would not really be interested in cheating, but since there is money involved I guess a whole lot of people would see it differently. Obviously the game is not the same if you think it might be rigged against you by people who are willing to cheat. Just because you are not all in to win the game, that does not mean you do not want to get a fair chance at doing as well as you might. If you are playing the game and any percentage of the players are using a cheat it is going to mean that you are going to be at a very serious disadvantage through no fault of your own. That is a very important idea and if I can not get a fair chance at succeeding it makes the whole thing a lot less attractive. I wonder if the operators of the game are doing anything to prevent this.

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