I Met Someone Nice in Chat

I met a girl on the teen webcam chat last month and went on a date with her. She goes to my school, but I had never seen her before. Our lockers are pretty far from each other, and we don’t have any classes together, so it makes sense that I’ve never run into her.

I was bored at home one day last month and didn’t have anything to do. There was nothing on television to watch, and I didn’t have any work to do or any video games to play, so I decided to hop on to the chat. I was hoping to find someone on the chat who would be able to help me pass the time. I found a lot of people doing random things on the chat, but most of them were pretty boring. Then I found the girl. She was at home, bored just like me. She said that I looked familiar, but I told her that I hadn’t met her before. She then remembered that she had seen me at school once during a pep rally. I don’t know how she spotted me in the crowded gym, or how she remembered my face, but she did. We started talking about the people we know and the various classes we take. We actually know some of the same people, but somehow we’ve never met. Just as the chat was about to end, I asked her if she wanted to go on a date one day, and she agreed.

The date took place on a Saturday afternoon. We went to a movie theater in the local mall and watched a scary movie. The girls loves scary movies and had been wanting to see the movie for a while. It was a fun date, and we’ll be hanging out more in the future.

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