I Use BrandConnect Promotional Products in Australia to Promote My Photography Business

One thing I really like as giveaways are the USB drives that look like keys. They actually resemble keys, and they fit nicely on a key ring with the rest of your keys. However, this key is a USB flash drive that is printed with my logo, company name, web address and phone number. They work great for my customers and potential customers. I stick with brandconnect promotional products in australia as the source for them.

I preload them with my full portfolio along with the services I offer as a professional photographer. If I cannot sit down with a potential client, I can give them a flash drive that has software on it that plays my promo video, shows them my still image sampler, and then takes them to my website. It is really cool. I even use the key shape in a slogan for my company mentioning how photographs are the keys to lasting memories of special occasions.

They are worth the investment. They are much more profit generating than a business card or some irrelevant promotional item. These are all tied into my business model and slogan. After the potential customer watches the video, they can delete it from the flash drive and then use it for their own personal files. They carry them on their key rings making my logo and company name go with them wherever they go. When they eventually need a photographer, they have a number to call.

I have given out flash drives and received a call more than a year later. I think they all eventually pay for themselves in business. Most people want their kids in professional photos marking the time going by, and eventually someone needs me as a wedding photographer. I get all kinds of business coming my way due to my unique use of custom printed promo flash drives.

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