Internet for Cheap in Mile High City

Moving to Denver has been quite the adjustment for me. In some ways more literally than other, because I had to get used to breathing the thin air up in this mile high city. It was kind of hard at first. I am kind of a fitness guy and I went out for a run on my first day in Denver, going at my usual intensity, and I basically collapsed. I am looking for cheap internet in Denver because I need to stay connected to the rest of the world, and since moving here, I have not yet attempted to get an internet service.

Kind of weird, now that I think about it, that I have not got around to getting any internet in my place yet. Actually it is really strange, but I have kind of been preoccupied and I have a whole list of things that I need to get done. I am not done with everything on my list yet, and that kind of stresses me out, but I expect that I will be done with everything by the end of the next week at the very latest. But it is not like I do not have access to the internet at all or anything, because I do have my phone.

But I need to get a real connection, so that I can do other things on the web, like play video games, when I have enough time, and stream movies. All of that sort of stuff is too much for my phone to handle. So I want to get a cheap connection, but something fairly fast. 15 megabits per second downstream is enough for me, and I do not really care about the upstream speed, because I do not really ever upload anything to the web anyway.

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