Keeping Sanity in a Clean Home

I generally pride myself on my ability to keep things clean. I was raised by a single mom who needed a hand around the house and that responsibility naturally fell to me as soon as I was old enough to follow her around in the laundry room helping her sort it. It wasn’t long until I was responsible for the majority of the laundry, even the ironing, and by the time I was 10 I was doing it all by myself. So it’srather embarrassing that I had to hire someone to do house cleaning in Bergen County NJ for me.

I’m just too busy these days. I thought I would be able to keep up with the general house keeping in combination with school and work but I was just too overwhelmed after a long day to come home and try to get things in order. Even my weekends are too full of things to do! It’s unlikely that I’ll even be able to do my own cleaning for the next 4 years or at least until I finish school or maybe find a new internship that isn’t so demanding. Regardless of future events, right now I wouldn’t be able to keep this house in order without help.

The worst part is trying to manage my laundry situation. Like my mom I have become something of a clothes addict and I really go through clothes left and right. I generally change between school and work which means that I am going through two different sets a day. Without the help of the crew that has been coming out nearly every weekday I would have nothing to wear by week’s end! I’m so thankful that services like theirs are out there helping people like me who are too frazzled to do the cleaning.

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