Looking for an Easier Way to Lose Weight

Like most people I would rather not have to work my butt off in order to work my butt off. I have been trying to lose a good bit of weight for almost a year and it just is really hard to find enough time to put in the work for it. This started about a year ago. Some friends and I went up to Blowing Rock for a ski trip. I did a bit of drinking and broke my leg on the advanced . I would like to find some weight loss pills that work, because I put on a bunch of weight while I was not able to get around. I guess I sat in front of the TV snacking when I would have been doing stuff normally and I put on about fifteen or twenty pounds.

I have gotten rid of about half of that since then, but I always start backsliding after I get about that far away from the goal. Of course I am thinking that I am not that far away from the goal and it would be pretty easy for me to get where I need to be. Of course what I forget is that when I picked up this extra weight I was already a bit chubby. In truth I could probably lose about twenty five pounds if I wanted to get to whatever they might call my ideal weight. If I lost half that I would be happy, but I would still be a bit over the weight that I should be at if you asked my family doctor. Of course he says that I should give up just about all of the things that are good in life, so I really do not listen that closely to what he says.

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