Making Money with My Face

The Western Parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North ...I had to hire maryland lawyers for a very important court case. Someone was selling a product that had my likeness on it without my permission. They had been making a decent profit from the product, and didn’t tell me that they were doing it, nor did they ever have any intention of getting my permission about it. I couldn’t let this stand, and I started looking for lawyers who would help me sue this person in court.

After hiring the lawyers, I showed them the evidence of my likeness being used, and they took my case to the court and had a subpoena delivered to the man selling the shirts. He wasn’t too happy to find out that he was being sued, which is fitting, because I wasn’t too happy to find out that he was selling things with my face on them.

I met the man in court with my lawyers present and the judge ruled that the man had to stop selling items with my likeness on them and he had to use the profits he made from the sales to pay for my legal fees. I was ecstatic that I won the case, and I got a good idea from it.

Since my face was good enough for another person to put it on items and sell them for a decent profit, I decided that I would make these items myself and sell them. Since I would be the one producing them, there would be no legal troubles, because I can’t sue myself for using my own likeness. I started making t-shirts, mugs, stickers, buttons, and other trinkets with my face on them, and created a website to sell them. The items gained even more popularity and I shipped out a lot of orders to people in the first day.

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