Mom Likes My New Condo but is Nervous About the Balcony Because It is So High Up

If I wasn’t a person, I would probably be a bird. I like heights. I like to hang glide, parasail and pretty much any kind of flight. I’ve been skydiving and I take helicopter lessons. Getting the top floor in a new condo in Singapore was just right up my alley. I really like the balcony. My poor mother is timid around heights. She does not mind visiting me. She does not even mind the long (for her) elevator ride to the top floor. She comes into my condo, but she stayed far away from the glass door that leads to the balcony.

Dad supported himself through school doing roofing work. He is not afraid of heights either. The thing about living in a skyscraper is that it should not be scary even for people who do not like high places. Yes, being out on a balcony many floors up would make someone with a phobia nervous. However, urban living in Singapore requires that you build up instead of out. Isn’t all living in Singapore pretty much urban nowadays?

My mom started to get comfortable passing the balcony door. She was no longer in a rush like it was going to bite her. I got her to stand in the open doorway many times now. She has even taken one step out onto the balcony a couple of times when it was not too windy. Too windy for her is any air movement at all. She does not realize it, but she is practicing a form of cognitive behavioral therapy getting used to the thing she is afraid of. Dad told me to keep at it because he really wants a top floor space in another new condo going up a few kilometers away. I don’t think I’ll ever get mom to go bungee jumping with me, but hopefully I can get her to be okay with living in a tall condo building.

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