My Sister in Singapore Explained Why Women Are Using Methods Such As Bottom Slim and It Made Sense

I guess guys see it differently when it comes to women. Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of male friends who are very precise in how they desire their girlfriends to look. Even I have a preference, but I do not walk around with a checklist and a measuring tape making sure my girlfriend complies. My sister and I grew up in two different countries. She stayed with my mother in Singapore, and I moved to America with my father. I saw my sister talking about a Bottom Slim review on social media, and figured I would call her to ask about it.

You see, I knew that in Singapore they are highly exposed to the same cultural icons and entertainers that are popular here. Over the last decade or so the so-called desirable female form has morphed a bit here in America. There are trends in clothing lines, exercise products and other things that are promoting bigger bottoms. I wondered why my sister was interested in the Bottom Slim review where she was at since her and her friends are into the big bottom entertainers we have here. She told me it was because Asian girls typically have smaller chest sizes, and a bigger bottom or bigger thighs makes them look out of proportion.

I asked why there was not more of a move toward breast augmentation then. She told me that being it is an invasive procedure and costs a lot of money, the best route to go was using a method such as what Bottom Slim offers to shrink thighs and bottoms to bring them in proportion with other body part sizes. She then asked me about my weight lifting pointing out that I have been shaping my body since I was a teenager. I built bigger arms and legs, and I worked on having the strong abs. I got what she was saying. We all do it to one degree or another whether it is something as simple as coloring our hair or as drastic as having surgery.

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