Started the Renovation Work This Morning

I have a very long list of things that I need to do. Some of it is nothing and some of it is a really big deal. For starters I am going to take care of some cosmetic defects with the house. I just hate the color coordination between the shutters and the vinyl siding. Of course I do not want to paint this thing every couple of years, so I am not one of those people who get all bent out of shape about vinyl siding. I do not think the look of it is all that great, but it is not too bad and I definitely do not like to paint. I am quite awful at it, although I generally get the paint on everything from my clothes and the grass and even some where it is supposed to be. That is not too bad if it is water based paint, but oil base paint is awful to get off you.

The plantation shutters are going to have to painted a different color, but I have to figure out exactly what color I need for it to be right. The vinyl is the color that it is and it was not intended to ever be painted. The color is probably something like eggshell, or I think that is what you call it. I am not really sure what the color of the shutters is, but it is a color that is probably close to the color of a tangerine and I have no clue how any person could have thought that it was a good look. I am wondering if the person who sold me the house was color blind or something like that. I figure I will do something very conservative as I am going to rent the house out.

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