Started to Set Up a Gym at the Office

Started to set up the gym this morning. Of course we have been thinking about this for some time and when the extra space came open we decided to start on this project. We have been looking at the stuff we need, which is a lot of things. Of course you need the exercise machines, but you have to think about stuff like locker rooms and we are looking at the top and best rated water coolers on the market. It is not like that is not vital if you are working out, because you have to keep hydrated. So you are going to want to make sure that you can replace the liquids that you sweat out. We are thinking about some sort of healthy snacks too, the sort of energy rich foods that you use to fuel a work out. I guess runners like to load up on carbohydrates.

We are thinking we need to get about half a dozen treadmills and some other gear. Of course you can get as much or as little as you want, but the thinking is we get a start on it and we can get more if we need it. I figure that most people are not going to need a lot of free weights, so a few dumbbells will be fine along with a weight machine or two. I like to use a rowing machine because that seems to give you a really intense work out on your entire body. I like to do something that has a maximum impact in the minimum time and so I prefer the most intense work out that I can stand. It is not like that is obviously a great strategy, because you go too hard and it is hard to keep the pace up.

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