Still Helping Jack with the Renovation Jobs

... In The Bathroom With A Shower Enclosure From Big Bathroom ShopSpent the day helping Jack with a bathroom renovation. It was a really nice one too. These people put enough money in their bathroom to have built an addition to the house. In effect the guy went through a lot of trouble to get a bath that was about twice as big as it had been. I drove about twenty minutes and picked up these two big tempered glass shower doors in Essex county NJ. Of course we spent a lot of time and thought in not screwing it up. Jack has probably done this before, but you obviously want to take a lot of care with something like this. For starters you want to always be in control over the thing, because you are talking about something that could really do a lot of damage if it you lost control over it. This thing probably weighs something like sixty or seventy pounds. It it is not a piece of plexiglass or plastic. This is a piece of quarter inch thick tempered glass, and it is obviously quite large and bulky.

At any rate we took a lot of time making sure we got this shower just right. This is going to be important to this lady and she is not going to be happy if it is anything less than perfect. She made a point of telling us this right to our faces and I did not think that she was joking. She wants us to make this as close to perfect as she can get it and with the amount of money that it is going to cost her she has a right to expect a good deal out of it. We think we are doing all that we can and that is about the best anyone can give you.

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