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Important Tips on Polishing Electric Guitar


Guitar Rental – In this article, we will discuss how to bring back the glow of your instrument. Polishing an electric guitar is very important in maintaining the look of your instrument. Additionally, it creates a thin covering for your guitar to prevent further dirt and dust from creeping inside your guitar’s body. If you are on a budget and visiting a repair shop is the last thing on your mind, you should read on. These tips will be helpful to you.

Guitar Repairs – Before buffing up your instrument, you need to make an extra effort to know what kind of finish it has. There are different kinds of finishes out in the market: Nitrocellulose, waterbased lacquer, oil and polyester. A guitar with a glass-effect is finished with polyester – just like Ibanez. On the other hand, Nitrocellulose is the finish applied for Fender, Gibson and D’Angelico guitars during the 50′s and 60′s. Some finishes are sensitive to heat while others are sensitive to oils. If your guitar has a natural oil finish, then polish it with the same compound. For Nitro finish, consider different polishing agents in the market today. You may also check the official site of your instrument’s manufacturer since most of them carry specialized polishing products. Lemon oil is an ideal polishing agent for guitars with a varnish finish. For guitars with a “raw” finish, simply wipe off the excess dirt with a clean cloth before applying industry-approved oil. There are many kinds of oil to choose from: linseed, tung oil, shellac and synthetic oil.

Guitar – A micro fiber will certainly help you buffing up your guitar’s body without leaving scratches. As much as possible, do not use a tissue paper on your guitar because it can scratch the finish. A 100% cotton cloth is better alternative in polishing your guitar. Just be careful not to use the printed part of the shirt. The silkscreen paints could scratch the delicate finish of your guitar.

There is no standard when will you decide to polish your guitar. It’s a personal preference depending on how often and how hard you play. Some will buff their guitar every time they change strings.

Polishing your guitar is a must. It will prevent deteriorating damages from occurring on your guitar in the long run. Visit your local music store and ask them about different brands they carry. It is also important to know if your guitar’s manufacturer supplies a good quality guitar polish.