The Fight of Our Generation

Local internet deals - Since high gas prices are starting to cut deeper and deeper into our pocketbooks, a hydrogen generator/booster is an excellent way to fight back against rising gas prices. Thousands of people have already discovered the fuel saving power of using whats know as a hydrogen generator or booster to save gas.

The best part is that you can build your own hydrogen based gas saver from your home with inexpensive parts from the hardware store.

A hydrogen generator/booster works by converting plain tap water into a hydrogen/oxygen gas mixture known as HHO gas. HHO gas is a very specific mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the same atomic ratio as water. 2 hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. This provides the power of hydrogen with the stability of water.

As the hydrogen generator runs, it continuously generates HHO gas which is fed directly into the engine through the vehicle’s air intake via a vacuum tube which resides atop the water reservoir. The generation of gas occurs when a current of electricity is directed through the water, a process known as electrolysis. The main idea behind the hydrogen generator/booster is just that, to boost fuel economy by supplementing gasoline usage.

While we may eventually have vehicles which run 100% on HHO has, current homemade designs have been reported to increase fuel economy by up to 40% in some cases. To build your own hydrogen generator/booster, you will need a couple main parts which are generally the same in most designs.

Most consist of a water reservoir, tubing, the parts for the electrolysis setup(standard electrical parts you can find at radio shack, and some wiring to wire the system to the vehicles electrical system. The parts can usually be had for somewhere around $100 bucks and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them locally.

If you have never built a hydrogen based gas saver before, I highly suggest following one of the many guides available that show you the whole process step-by-step and where to get all the parts for building a hydrogen generator/booster. For your convenience, I’ve written a review of the Top 3 Guides for you. Keep in mind while there is a wide price range on the guides, most are based off the same design, but some are more in-depth or include some bonuses you might be interested in.

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