When You Need a Touch of Winter

Finding a reliable aircon system in Singapore has proven to be difficult for an American like myself. Maybe it’s a cultural thing that I have such high for an air conditioning system, or an aircon as they call it here in Singapore. Click here if you’re interested in checking out the one that I decided to use myself. Who knew that they could be so difficult to find. Of course being from Texas and with summer in Singapore not being anything like those back home I suppose that my expectations might be a bit too high. But hey, you can never depend on weather to be what you think it’s going to be!

Then again, maybe I’m a sucker for comfort. There are few things as uncomfortable as sitting around a sweltering home in the middle of the summer without any air conditioning. They apparently don’t believe in the concept of central air in Singapore which means that most residents have either adapted to the heat or they use smaller units that you’ll find in most modern apartment buildings in the United States. Typically these units are good enough to get the job done for Singaporeans or people who are comfortable in the heat but even for someone like myself, they’re not enough.

I want my aircon unit to be like a blast of frigid winter air. I want to be able to freeze myself out of the apartment if I want to. Most of these units can barely make it feel like a cool autumn day, much less winter! Then again Summer isn’t nearly as bad here as it is elsewhere and their winter is pretty much the same – mild, if anything. I suppose I’ll get used to living here after a time but I doubt I’ll ever rely on weak aircon units.

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