Why Pumping Breast Milk is Important

Moms are taking breastfeeding more seriously. The science of the human gut microbiome is growing, no pun intended, and moms are realizing just how important it is for their babies to be exposed to good bacteria. Sure, there is the risk of exposure to bad bacteria too. However, this is all part of a normal human immune system development. It is being said that the severe allergies and increasing incidents of asthma are all related to gut problems. In order to feed my baby, I had to go to besthospitalgradebreastpump.com to get a breast pump to extract the milk.

To be certain of the volume my baby was ingesting, I pump the milk out first. This is helpful if a doctor ever mentions a problem with the baby’s weight gain. Some doctors are pro formula, and they can mention weight saying your baby is not getting enough breast milk to thrive. Pump it first and then measure it out in feedings. Then you have direct evidence of the quantity ingested. You can even have your breast milk analyzed for nutrient content.

Did you know that there is now a study linking schizophrenia with proliferation of a fungus? Did you know that to keep fungi in check in our bodies that we need that good bacteria to thrive. You know them as probiotics. Did you know that we inherit bacterial strains from our moms as we go through the birth canal and consume mom’s breast milk? There is a distinct disadvantage to children who are denied at least supplemental feedings of mom’s breast milk. Sure, if mom is on a medication she needs and there is a risk of it being in breast milk, then that is a good reason to go with formula. Lack of production of breast milk is another. Pumping will stimulate production though.

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