You Have to Fix a Cockroach Problem Immediately

I knew we needed to find pest control in NYC, and quickly, when I heard my wife scream in the kitchen because she saw a roach. Cockroaches are no laughing matter. If you see one cockroach, you have a cockroach problem. They never come alone because they like living with their friends. So when we found one in the kitchen, we knew we had little time to waste. The thought of eating our meals in a room with roaches was too much for my wife and I to bear. We needed to kill them and to do it as soon as possible.

I hopped on the computer and started looking for a solution. It took some time to whittle down the choices, but the firm we went with were aces. They’ve been in business for decades and they know how to deal with a pest infestation. We called and they sent someone out right away after hearing about our problem. The guy who showed up agreed with my theory about how one cockroach means there are many in your home. He said he’s surprised at how many people don’t realize this and put off dealing with the problem until it gets really bad.

He looked around our kitchen, along the baseboards and inside the cabinets, and even helped us cover up our table and move the dishes to the other room! Then he went out to the truck to mix up some wicked chemicals and started spraying. I can’t say I was thrilled about the smell of the pesticide, but it cleared quickly enough with the windows open. It’s been a couple of weeks and we’ve been looking closely and have yet to see a single cockroach. I think he dropped the bomb on them and not a moment too soon.

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